Agribusiness Research Center

The Agribusiness Research Center (ARC) links academic research abilities and industry experience to provide both our partner organizations and students high quality resources and expertise. Over the years, ARC has established itself as a leading research and rural development institution in Armenia and the surrounding region. ARC research expertise covers topics ranging from agricultural finance and farmer financial literacy to mitigation of climate change impact on agricultural activities. The industry and academia experts involved with ARC ensure outstanding implementation of projects as well as in-depth knowledge and expertise in various topics. The geography of the activities cover Armenia and the South Caucasus region, with project partners in the EU, USA, Black Sea countries, Latin America, Central Asia, and Caucasus.

ARC solicits and conducts research on relevant agribusiness topics and promotes Armenian agribusinesses at national and international meetings. The ARC collaborates with the US Embassy in Armenia, USAID, FAO, World Bank, Swiss National Science Foundation, World Vision, GIZ, KfW, EUROQUALITY SARL, EURICSE, IAMO, and many others. Overall, ARC implemented projects with over 40 partners from 17 countries. The center also plans regional and international seminars and conferences, and assists with summer schools, student exchange programs, and student enrichment activities.

Research, along with agribusiness education and a distinctive application components has continuously been a priority at ICARE. Partnership with ICARE in joint research projects has always been highly valued by local and international institutions, while the results of projects implemented and services provided by ARC have been of practical significance for beneficiary farmer groups, agribusinesses, rural communities, and agribusiness education institutions. At ARC we are committed to furthering our research and educational activity by using our experience, methods, and network to improve the quality and outreach of our projects and services.

The full list of the ARC project references can be downloaded here: ICARE/ARC Project References, March '18.

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