The beginning of a new academic year

Holidays are gone and  ICARE is excited to welcome its junior and senior students back to the new academic year 2019-2020. We hope that our students have prepared themselves for this academic year with new perspectives,  motivation and innovative ideas.
We are sure that within this academic year we will have fruitful  and active learning process. Our students should see their education beyond the test scores and exam process, since getting education is a whole big system to drive people towards their dream and it also consists of networking, socializing and extracurricular and non-formal methods of education. 
The empowering message from ICARE to its students is to set achievable, clear and concrete goals, plan your future and visualize it. Design a healthy mindset for yourselves and don’t be afraid of failure: each time you fall down, stand up, make it your power by learning from it. 


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