The overview of Armenian Mirror-Spectator weekly on ICARE

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The first English language Armenian weekly, which has started publishing unbiased reports and articles since 1932 in the United States, has also published an article about Ecofarm school, which will be launched in 2020. 
Director of ICARE foundation Arthur Grigoryan has presented the idea as a facilitator for students to gain a firsthand experience in Agriculture. This will enable ICARE students and other stakeholders to have better understanding of Agriculture, which is an important sector of Armenian Economy composing a large pie in the GDP. In Ecofarm students will be able to grow fruits and process other products, produce wine and be enrolled in various other agricultural activities. However, this will not be accomplished through conventional methods and techniques, rather using innovative and state-of-the-art technologies. As Mr. Grigoryan presumes, Ecofarm will be the agricultural TUMO with one difference – it will have a commercial component for students to sell the goods they produce. 
Apart from this advantage, it will give a room for urban dwellers who are not that close to the nature and would like to spend some time involved in farm activities. This also refers to our countrymen living in diaspora, who will have great pleasure to work on Motherland. 
The Armenian Mirror-Spectator covered the academic programs and other projects that are being implemented by Research Department of ICARE as well. 

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