Agribusiness Teaching Center

The Agribusiness Teaching Center (ATC) provides high class agribusiness education. At ATC we cultivate agribusiness specialists armed with economic, marketing, and managerial skills. Our students also graduate with excellent communication abilities and fluency in English.

These combined skills make ATC graduates highly competitive in the growing regional agribusiness sector. The curriculum is Western-structured, based on the undergraduate and graduate agricultural economics curriculum of Texas A&M University. Courses are taught in English by American and Armenian instructors.

The ATC has a strong research component with around 20% of the student body engaged in ICARE research projects including data collection, processing, analysis and reporting, and baseline and socioeconomic impact studies authored by our Agribusiness Research Center. All graduate level students are involved in research to complete their theses within the framework of their curriculum.

Our current full-time students come from both Armenia and Georgia, and in September 2015 our first Georgian MAB students were admitted. As of 2015, 16 students from European universities studied in ATC undergraduate and graduate programs either one or two semesters in the framework of Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ programs. The credits from the ATC are freely transferred to the home universities.

Undergraduate Agribusiness Program (UAB)

The one-year Undergraduate Agribusiness Program curriculum in Agribusiness and Marketing, taught in English, is based on the Agricultural Economics curriculum of the Texas A&M University. Our graduates have a privileged opportunity to fill the growing agribusiness and related job markets in Armenia, Georgia, and around the globe. 

Master of Agribusiness Program (MAB)

The Master in Agribusiness program provides an internationally competitive education which equips finance and marketing specialists, as well as entrepreneurs with strong quantitative, management, and decision-making skills. The MAB is an 18-month thesis degree program, developed in partnership with the Department of Agricultural Economics of Texas A&M University. This program promotes values, culture, and an academic and professional environment cultivated by the ATC administration and academic staff.

The degree is supported by faculty with backgrounds in economics, finance, marketing, applied business, international trade, development, international relations, and a variety of experiences in industries and organizations. Faculty members work closely with business-related firms, local companies, international projects and organizations, and government structures giving real world relevance to their research and lectures.